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Camping in Uganda
Uganda offers not only accommodation in lodges and luxury hotels but even a variety of camping sites for travellers
and backpackers.
Almost all Ugandan national parks have camping sites.

Lake Mburo National Park has different kind of camping possibilities:
a luxury tented camp with all the comforts or traditional camping sites near the lake side where it's easy to see hippos, vervet monkeys,
birds and warthogs passing by.

At Mgahinga National Park there is a community camp site with
a nice view on Lake Mutanda and Bwindi hills.

The National Park of Bwindi offers some of the most exclusive tented camps, some budget or moderate campsites and one community campsite.

In the Queen Elizabeth National Park it's possible to camp in various beautiful areas in budget campsites.

Kibale National Park hosts a luxury camp as well as some secluded campsites in the forest.
A local association of women provides basic meals.

In Semuliki National Park there is a basic campsite near the
headquarter of the park.

Murchison Falls National Park has a luxury tented camp and one
of the most popular budget camping site.

Kidepo National Park has a simple campsite few kilometres from
the entrance.

Travellers doing trekking and hiking in the Rwenzori
and Mt. Elgon National Park will find only mountain shelters.

Uganda Wildlife Authority runs some camping sites and hostels
in some national parks.

In the major Ugandan cities it is possible to find various campsites.