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Kidepo National Park
Kidepo National Park covers 1,442 sq. km of savannah and mountain landscapes. A huge altitude range has evolved an extremely diverse flora
and fauna and the variety of animal species in the park is equally diverse. Many animals are found no where else in Uganda and over 460 species of bird.
It is probably the most beautiful national park
in Uganda but difficult to reach.

Kidepo National Park is home of elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, various antelope species, baboon, bushbaby and more.
Out of the 80 mammals species listed, 28 are not known to occur
in any other Uganda national park like the bat-eared fox, striped hyena, aardwolf, caracal, cheetah, black backed jackal and hunting dog.
Kidepo National Park protects a far greater variety of large mammals than any other national park. Five species of primates are found in Kidepo. Predators are particularly represented with 22 resident species.
Of 17 species of antelopes, 7 are found only here like the Grant's gazelle, greater and lesser kudu, roan antelope, Beira oryx, Guenther's dik.dik
and mountain reedbuck. Kidepo is the only Ugandan park where
the Rothchilds Giraffe and Burchels Zebra can be seen together.

An extensive avifauna is found in Kidepo National Park. 465 species have been recorded. Associated to this region of particular interest are the ostrich and the kori bustard. The park is outstanding for its birds of prey. Of 58 species, 14 are believed to be endemic to Kidepo and Karamoja region: Verreaux eagle, Egyptian vulture. pygmy falcon.
Also of note are 4 species of hornbills: red billed, yellow billed, Jackson's hornbills are peculiar to Kidepo and the giant Abyssinian ground hornbill
is quite common.

Guided walks
2 hiking trails are possible in Kidepo National Park:
on Morungole and Lonyili mountains.
On easily organized guided walks, visitors will have the possibility
to enjoy the rich flora and fauna of the park.

Game Drive
A number of game drive loops to prime wildlife viewing locations
in the Narus valley. Visitors can also go to view the Kanangorok
hot springs 11km from Kidepo.