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Mgahinga National Park
Mgahinga National park is the smallest park with
its 38 sq. km and is located in the extreme southwest corner of Uganda bordering with Virunga NP in Congo and Park des Volcanoes in Rwanda.
The park is comprised of parts of three extinct volcanic mountains: Mt Muhavura (4127m), Mt. Gahinga (3474m) and Mt. Sabinyo (3669m).

The park supports a variety of mammals in the forest including
the endangered mountain gorilla. 180 species of birds are found here especially the Ruwenzori Turaco and the Red Tufted Malachite Sunbird.

The major ethnic group found here are the Bafumbira. Batwa pygmies
are also present. People living here have controlled and sustainable access to the resources and the 20% of the entrance fees are used
for their development projects.

Wort and dwarf heath vegetation dominate the summit areas. 60% of the vegetation is made of bamboo which is a delicacy for mountain gorilla.
76 mammals species are found here: mountain gorillas, buffaloes, elephants, bushbucks, golden monkeys, giant forest hog, several varieties of small rodents and small predators.

Only 115 bird species have been recorded due to the small size of the park but the park is still of great interest to birdwatchers.
12 species are endemic to the Albert rift region. The Ruwenzori Turaco and the Red Tufted Malachite Sunbird, crowned hornbill, black kite, crowned crane are found here.

Gorilla tracking

Volcano climbing
3 extinct volcanoes can be hiked by fit hikers without special gear:
  • Mt. Sabinyo "old man's teeth" (3669 m) offers 3 challenging peaks to climb. It takes 8 hours for a round trip to cover the 14 km stretch.
  • Mt. Gahinga "small pile of stones" (3474 m) takes its name from the small piles of stones found in the fields called "gahinga". On the 6 hours round trip hikers will pass through pure Bamboo forests.
  • Mt. Muhavura "the guide" (4127 m) provides some of the best views of the country.
    The hike takes 8 hours round trip covering 12 km.
Guided walk
  • Garama Cave was once inhabited since the late iron age and later used by Batwa pigmies. The cave is 342m long and 14 deep and is now inhabited by bats.
  • Sabinyo Gorge trail is of particular interest to bird watchers and it takes half a day passing through bamboo forests.
  • Another trail leads to the Rugezi Swamp where it is possible to see birds, elephants and the giant forest hog.