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Murchison Falls National Park
With an area of 3877 sq. km Murchison Falls National Park located on the way to the West Nile is the largest protected area in Uganda and includes Bugundu and Karuma Wildlife reserves. At Murchison Falls, the place that gives the name to the whole park, the mighty Nile River through a 6 metre cleft in the rocks, falls 43 meters down in a cascading thunder of water creating one of the most impressive sights of East Africa. Before this magnificent spot are the Karuma Falls where the river Nile creates 23 km of rapids. Rothschild's Giraffes are found in the park together with hippos, crocodiles, waterbuck, elephants, lions, leopards and an always increasing population of buffaloes.

76 mammals species are found in Murchison Falls National Park: Elephants, buffaloes, monkeys, and baboons, giraffes, lions, hippos, crocodiles, several antelope species including Uganda Kob, Oribi and Jackson Hartebeest. Leopard is also present, especially in the Delta area.

Bird Life
450 birds species have been confirmed in Murchison Falls National Park.
Shoebill Stork may be seen on occasions on reed islands in the Nile
during the launch trip to the falls. Regular sightings of Shoebill are more common on special request boat trips to the Victoria Nile delta. Other Murchison specials include Red Fronted Bee Eater, Silverbird and Blue Mantled Coucal together with 53 species of raptors.

Game drives
Before the sun rises the visitors will have many tracks to choose from
to have the chance to view the spectacular wildlife.
The best tracks are around the delta of the Nile. Delta circuit track covers 20 sq. km of grassland and the high concentration of wildlife found around will impress even the more reluctant safari lover.
Other tracks include Queen's track 10 km, Albert Nile track 12 km passing through dense acacia woodlands and very attractive for bird watchers and Victoria Nile track 25 km.

Boat Trips
2 boat trips are possible of 3 and 5 hours. The Nile launch trip leads
to the base of the Murchison Falls offering spectacular views following the course of the Nile through a beautiful African atmosphere.
It's easy to see hundreds of hippos, big crocodiles, herds of buffalo, waterbuck and kob as well as numerous birdlife. Delta boat trip goes instead to the Lake Albert Nile. A launch preferred by the birdwatchers, since it gives the chance to observe many bird species and it's the best opportunity to watch shoebills anywhere in Africa. Fishing is permitted.

Guided Walks
A part of the very easy and rewarding walk to the top of Murchison Falls it's possible to have guided walks through Rabongo forest and Kaniyo-Pabidi with its chimpanzee tracking and birdwatching activities that offers the chance to observe the Puvel's Illadopisis found nowhere else in East Africa.